Edited by
Emmanuel Bruno Jean-François
© Djuneid Dulloo
“Let there be love, let there be blood”, 2013

Rethinking Global Mauritius

Srilata Ravi

In this collection of essays, Srilata Ravi looks at Mauritian literatures’ complex interactions with modernity, colonialism and globalization and locates cultural productions within frameworks that incorporate history, memory and identity. She portrays, with accuracy, how Mauritian literatures intersect with colonialist and nationalist narratives and mediate between European, African and Asian narratives of circulation of capital, goods, services and persons within historical Indian Ocean networks. From this portrayal, Mauritian literatures appear as a plural entity that seeks to adopt an attitude of detached engagement towards self and nation in a globalized context. Srilata Ravi interrogates the significance of islandness, Creole identity and Francophonies, and suggests that contemporary Mauritian literacy and visual cultures have become transcultural, counter-hegemonic and empowering sites of globalization. Authors and film-makers studied include Ananda Devi, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Barlen Pyamootoo, Carl de Souza and David Constantin.